You can integrate your participation at the SIB2021 Congress by uploading an MP4 video covering the arguments of your Abstract submission.

The video must span 1-2 minutes (longer presentations will not be accepted) and be uploaded following the guidelines below. Your video will be available to all participants through the Congress site, might be displayed during the round tables of Sept.24 morning, and will be open for consultation till October 31, 2021. Access rules to the Congress site after Sept.24 will be communicated in due time.


Guidelines for Video Files Upload

Videos can be uploaded to our Drobox submission website until September 3rd, 2021


Best Practices  

  • Be sure to keep your videos no longer than 2 minutes
    • The videos may be a PowerPoint presentation, a series of text slides, a presentation in person; text should be in English, speech can be in English or Italian (limitation in time will be enforced).

How to make a pre-recorded video

You can make videos using any software you like. Videos must be in .mp4 format.


How to upload your video

Once your recording is complete, you’ll just need to upload it according to the following directions:



1) Rename your video file including your family name. Example: “Brown.mp4”.

2) Navigate to our Dropbox submission website:

(Note: you do not need a Dropbox account to use this feature.)

3) Upload your video either using the drag and drop box, or the “add file”upload feature.

4) Enter your name and email address .

5) Next hit “upload”, which will confirm the upload is complete. 

For any enquiries, please contact the Organizing Secretariat (